$28.07 for 71 items!!

Coborn’s 9-17-11
Subtotal $53.07
Savings $25.00

I used only used 11 coupons too!
$5/$50 Coborns Coupon (expires 9-17-11)
$1/5 Campbells Soup (You will need 5 computers so that you can print 10)

Hand over the $5 coupon first (It is almost always a good idea to have the cashier run the store coupons BEFORE the manufacturer)

Here is what I got:
50 cans of Campbells soup (Tomatoe and Chicken Noodle) $.20 each*
3 bags of Chocolate Chips (Food Club Brand) $1.69 each*
2 5lb bags of flour (Flood Club Brand) $1.99 each*
2 6oz cans of Cooking Spray (Food Club) $1.50 each*
10 26oz cans of Hunts Spaghetti Sauce $.77 each*
4 Long Johns (Yep it must be Saturday morning!) $.75 each*

*Does not include the 20% off that the $5/$50 coupon provided.


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