I bought a Pomegranat! Now what?

Aldi had Pomegranates for $.69 each this week, so I decided to splurge and get a few. I love pomegranate juice so this should be great, right? I brought my bag home grabbed a cutting board and a knife, I cut it in half and quickly realized I had NO idea how to eat one of these things. 

Since I mentioned this great sale to many of my friends, I decided I had better figure it out, and quick before they start calling with questions!

For starters the best way to choose a pomegranate is by weight. They are prized by their juice content, so the heavier the better, provided the skin is unbroken.

Start by cutting about 3/4 of an in off at the stem. Use a plastic cutting board as the juice will stain a wood one.

Then make 4 scoring marks dividing it into quarters. Be careful not to cut open the seed/juice pockets. Then gently break along scoring marks.

Immerse in cold water to gently remove the seeds. If your water turns pink you are being to rough. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the rind will float to the top.

Skim off and discard the rind. Then use a strainer to remove seeds.

Cover in an airtight container and freeze for 3 days. Freezing helps to break down the fruit allowing you to eat them easier. After 3 days you can just pop them in your mouth to eat. Or you can sprinkle over a salad. I intentend to try my hand at juice. So come back in a couple of days to see my progress. 🙂


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