Hair Detangler Recipe

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I am into extreme couponing. It has gotten much harder lately. With all of the shows and websites dedicated to it, manufacturers and stores are tightening their coupon rules and decreasing the $ value of coupons, making it much harder to score items at super great prices. As a mom who needs to be frugal, I need to start getting creative. So here is the first in a 12 month quest to see if I can easily make from scratch things I previously purchased. Since the hair detangler I use for my girls has run out. This is a great project to get started with.

2 Tbsp regular hair conditioner
8oz water
10 oz spray bottle

Combine the conditioner and water in the spray bottle and shake. It is now ready to use. I find the trigger on this bottle much easier to use than the store bought versions of detangler. I also like that I can adjust the amount of liquid that is sprayed. I am not concerned about build up in their hair as it washes out with every bath!
I purchased the spray bottle for $1 and I had the conditioner on hand. But even if I had to buy one at 2 Tbsp per recipe, I know my cost is still just pennies.

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