Water Painting with Dried-out Markers

As I was wasting more time looking through Pinterest, I ran across this posting on making dried-out markers useful again. So I just had to try it.

It was supper easy, I just went through the box of markers, sorting out the dried-out ones into color coordinated piles. I then put a small amount of water into painting cups and added markers. Do not mix marker colors or this won’t work. I did it during nap so that the markers would have time to sit and soak up the water. Once the kids woke, we covered the table in paper and started water coloring.

The kids thought it was really neat, and they doodled for a long time. By the time we were finished, the markers had been completely drained of color and needed to be thrown away. They were destined for the trash anyway, so I was happy to get one more use out of them.



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