30 Days to Clean: Days 7 and 8

Organized, and ready for paint!

 I mentioned at the beginning, I would be tackling larger deep clean projects on the weekend. This weekend I started on the basement. It hasn’t really been cleaned since we moved in 7 years ago. That, coupled with the fact this challenge is in addition to my regularly scheduled life, is why this weekend was only a start to the basement.

Part of my regularly scheduled life.,

The most common use of my basement, is laundry, so that is where I started. I spent most of Saturday morning, editing my supplies so that I could remove one of the shelving units. The unit was installed by previous owners, more functional than stylish. I carefully removed every screw, so that the smaller pieces could be used as fire starters this winter, and the larger pieces will be reused in a project for the girls room. Once the walls were exposed, I saw how bad they looked. So I donned a mask and protective eye wear and scraped the paint and prepped the walls for paint. (Painting won’t happen until this fall when I can open up the house, stay tuned.)

Part of my regularly scheduled life.

My Vet moved the washer and dryer out, so that I could scrape the walls behind them, and clean the gross floors underneath. He also, capped off a secondary dryer outlet that sat on the floor about 10 feet from the current dryer placement. We had no use for it, and the idea of a live outlet sitting on the floor in a basement, just makes me nervous. All the other outlets in the basement are a good 3 feet off the ground. It would take some serious flooding for water to get them.

I also tackled some shelves that primarily hold things for the girls. A small area is dedicated to Christmas things, but the rest is filled with totes of clothes and toys. The totes are neatly marked with the size and season. I know the pictures don’t look like much yet, but just wait until the pink is banished, the walls are white, and the floor is grey.

Mini project while thawing meat to grill.

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