DIY: Baked Corn Chips

I have more tomatoes than I can eat, it is time to start canning. After a trip to the local farmers market for cilantro, I had almost everything I needed to make some salsa. What I didn’t have, were some chips for the all important, testing portion of the recipe. Thankfully, I had some corn tortilla’s on hand. So I whipped up some chips ASAP.

I like kosher salt, but you could really just use regular table salt. My Oil Sprayer is a  lecithin free, home-made, version.
**Update. Every oven is different, so time will vary. If yours aren’t crisp after 10 minutes, bake longer. They should be a deep golden color. Hope that helps. Also eat them while still warm. They are intended to be eaten right away, and will not stay crispy overnight.

21 responses to “DIY: Baked Corn Chips

  1. I am a chip snob and only like the homemade fried chips. However, I have recently started searching for healthier ways to make the foods I so love and experimented with baked tortilla chips about 6 months ago and was blown away at how good they are. They are crisp and not stale tasting. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you for this. I have been making them homemade, but in the fryer. Geez, this will save so many

  3. Good Question. Since there is no corn in them, they aren't going to taste like corn chips. I have cut them, sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar and baked to go with fruit or fruit salsa.I use like to use flour tortillas instead of bread though, since they are lower in carbs. Here are some ideas for you.1. egg on a tortilla with a spoonfull of salsa.2. peanut butter and jelly spirals3. cold meat, lettuce, ranch wrap4. thin crust personal sized pizza crusts5. cut into strips bake or fry, use instead of croutons on a salad or soup.Now that you've got me thinking, I'll see what new thing I can come up with for you!

  4. Ovens often vary in temperature. Try baking them longer. They should be turning golden when finished. Also try rotating during baking, ovens usually vary in temperature throughout the space. Be sure to eat them fresh. If you wait a day to eat them they will reabsorb moisture from the air.

  5. My sister and I started using the flour ones first, and they are good, too. I do them this way but don't spray them with anything. I am about to go try this with the corn tortillas NOW! 🙂

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