Debt Free Christmas: Start Early

Picked up for only $1 a pair

Just this past week I took down the last of the Christmas decorations, so why am I already thinking about next year? The best way to save money is through planning and preparation.

My kids want to “go big” on our outside decorations next year. So after Christmas is a great time to find clearanced items. I also want to build a couple of pieces to add next year, so the sooner I get started the better. is just one of many daily bargain sites to pick up items to store away for next year. Jewelry is small and easy to store for a year. My nieces, and daughters where excited to get earrings and necklaces that I had picked up throughout the year.

Start putting away 5 dollars a week today. You can even save all of those $5 Target gift cards that you get with purchases.

Many stores also have toys on clearance, that they stocked up with for the holidays. Take advantage of those sales and find a good hiding spot. (I have several around the house.)


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